Invisalign® Vs. Smile Direct Club

Other Downfalls Of Using Smile Direct Club

The Better Business Bureau reports more than 2,000 complaints nationwide involving Smile Direct Club. Most of the complaints involve customer service issues — such as broken aligners, delivery issues and payment problems — but dozens describe concerns about treatment results: complaints like broken teeth and nerve damage.

It’s important for teeth straightening patients to see a professional in person to ensure their treatment is safe and effective.

Benefits To Working With Cottage Dental

Working with a professional dentist gives you the benefit of professional guidance during your treatment. If something isn’t working, Cottage Dental will be able to adjust your treatment.

While Smile Direct Club users do have some support from the company, there is no replacement for seeing a doctor in a face-to-face office setting. Dentists undergo years of schooling that give them unique insight into correcting bites.

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