Fullerton Railroad Plaza

The Fullerton train Plaza, a living memorial to the city’s rich train legacy, is tucked away in the center of Fullerton, California. This one-of-a-kind destination is rich in history and gives guests of all ages a lively and interesting experience in addition to celebrating the past. Join us as we explore the Fullerton Railroad Plaza’s fascinating past and charming present.

An Overview of Fullerton’s Railroad History

The Southern Pacific Railroad Company built rails through Fullerton in the late 19th century, beginning the city’s relationship with the railroad. This advancement paved the way for Fullerton’s expansion and development into a vibrant neighborhood. Fullerton made the decision to create the Fullerton Railroad Plaza as a means to honor the city’s historical prominence in the railway industry.

Today’s Exploration of the Railroad Plaza

The Fullerton Railroad Plaza is now a place where the past is not only preserved but also cherished. It functions as a living museum. Visitors can set off on a journey through time while taking part in the many activities and attractions that make this location unique.

Museum of the Fullerton Train

The Fullerton Train Museum, which piques the interest of both train aficionados and history buffs, is one of the highlights of the Railroad Plaza. The museum is home to a substantial collection of antique locomotives, vehicles, and relics. You’ll have a profound understanding of the crucial part the railroad performed in influencing the history of Fullerton as you peruse the exhibits.

The stately Santa Fe 3751 steam locomotive, a relic of the heyday of rail travel, is unquestionably the highlight of the performance. The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway previously relied heavily on this immaculately rebuilt “4-8-4” type engine, which now proudly stands as a testament to the city’s railroad heritage.

All Ages Train Rides

A trip on the model train is a must-do activity if you visit the Fullerton Railroad Plaza. A popular attraction, especially for families with young children, is the miniature train trip. Passengers can take in the sights and sounds of the railroad industry as the train travels through the plaza’s picturesque path. It’s a fantastic experience that perfectly encapsulates the magic and thrill of rail travel.

Items from the railroad industry

A wealth of railroad-related items and memorabilia may be found in the Fullerton Railroad Plaza. There are old signs, tools, and other items that were formerly essential to the running of trains. These items offer an intriguing look into the bygone period of railroading and help us understand the history of the city better.

Exhibitions and Special Events

Regular special events and exhibitions honoring the railroad’s long significance are held at the Railroad Plaza. The plaza regularly hosts brand-new events, such as historical reenactments and model train shows. The activities provide as a forum for the community to bond through their love of trains in addition to being educational.

Place of Community Gathering

Beyond its historical value, the Fullerton Railroad Plaza has grown to be a cherished community meeting spot. The plaza is frequently used by families for meetings, picnics, and special events. The calm, park-like atmosphere provides a tranquil getaway from the bustle of daily life and includes benches and shaded spaces.

Preserving the Railroad Heritage of Fullerton

The Fullerton Railroad Plaza is a vibrant center that continues to honor and maintain the railroad heritage of Fullerton rather than just being a static museum. In order to preserve the railroad’s history for future generations, volunteers and enthusiasts are essential to the upkeep of the exhibitions and the planning of events.


The Fullerton Railroad Plaza is more than just a historical landmark; it is a dynamic reminder of the city’s rich railroad history. You can’t help but be taken back in time to a period when the railroad was the backbone of Fullerton as you visit the museum, ride the model train, and immerse yourself in the world of locomotives and railways.

Anyone interested in Fullerton’s history and culture need to visit this attractive and instructive location in addition to rail aficionados. The past and present coexist peacefully there, resulting in an amazing experience that will make you deeply appreciate the city’s rich history. Take advantage of the Fullerton Railroad Plaza’s enchantment by boarding the next time you find yourself in the city. On board!

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